Heritage Guiding a New Tradition

Founded in 2019, we are a team with a decade of experience in the Medical Cannabis industry. In 2018, our dream of a super low THC hemp strain with high resin yields came to fruition – high quality CBD-rich flower became available and could be legally sold everywhere. Now, the race is on to seek out and cultivate CBD flower so rich in flavor and cannabinoid content that it could be visually indiscernible from traditional Cannabis flower.

Mohawk Hemp is the cumulation of our work – a curated selection of the highest quality Hemp cultivars that we have come across, only letting in what can pass our quality standards: Organic, Air-dried, and Hand-Trimmed. Many farmers are drying their crops using industrial driers which rip away the desired flavor, drying the plant matter too quickly and preventing a proper cure. These techniques will never produce product comparable to Cannabis sold in dispensaries and stores.

Our name, Mohawk, comes from our heritage – we are a Native American owned company with a long history incorporating smoking in one form or another. Although Hemp is not also native to North America, it is a valued part of American history and we believe it will have a major role in our future. 

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